How Much Do Journalists Earn in Namibia?

How Much Do Journalists Earn in Namibia?

How Much Do Journalists Earn in Namibia?

Who is a Journalist?

Journalists host Journalism programs such as talkback shows, music programs, news bulletins or programs relating to specific content or communities.

What is a Journalist called?

A Journalism personality who hosts a Journalism show is also known as a Journalism host, and in India and Pakistan as a Journalism jockey. Journalism personalities who introduce and play individual selections of recorded music are known as disc jockeys or “DJs” for short.

How do I start a career in Journalism in Namibia?

1. Start preparing in high school. Sign up for activities that involve Journalism broadcasting or using audio equipment at your high school.

2. Earn a bachelor’s degree.

3. Apply for entry-level jobs in radio.

4. Work up to a host position.

5. Join the National Association of Broadcasters.

What is the job role of a presenter?

Presenters act as the public face (or voice) on television and Journalism programs; they are responsible for introducing and interviewing guests, linking segments, and generally holding the show together.

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What do I need to become a presenter?

You’ll need:

1. knowledge of media production and communication.

2. excellent verbal communication skills.

3. the ability to accept criticism and work well under pressure.

4. to be thorough and pay attention to detail.

5. active listening skills.

6. the ability to use your initiative.

7. to be flexible and open to change.

8. concentration skills.


How much do journalist earn in Namibia?

A person working in Media / Broadcasting / Arts / Entertainment in Namibia typically earns around 16,100 NAD per month. Salaries range from 8,050 NAD (lowest average) to 31,200 NAD (highest average, actual maximum salary is higher)