How Much do Industrial Engineers Earn in Namibia?

How Much do Industrial Engineers Earn in Namibia?

Industrial engineers are paid well in Namibia, with a median salary of $25.00 CAD per hour for all industrial engineers. Industrial engineers can expect to earn about $68,000 CAD per year on average and have a job growth of 20% over the next decade. The highest-paying industries for industrial engineers are utilities, technical services (except pro), and scientific research and development services.

The average salary of industrial engineers

Industrial engineers in Namibia earn an average of 26.00 NAD per hour. When you add because they progress and earn more money over time, this can be quite a lucrative career path for those who are interested in a long-term career.

Salaries for an entry-level industrial engineer

Entry-level industrial engineers earn an average salary of 11.00 NAD per hour. It’s important to note that this figure is only for entry-level positions, and will not apply to experienced or qualified industrial engineers with higher qualifications. Your salary will also vary depending on where you work, as well as what industry you’re employed in.

The salary for skilled industrial engineers in Namibia 

In Namibia, skilled industrial engineers may expect to earn around 28.00 NAD per hour. This is a very good salary in Namibia, and it’s a good opportunity for career progression.

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Mid-career industrial engineers are paid around 23.00 NAD per hour, so if you want to work as an industrial engineer and improve your income over time then this is the ideal place for you!

Salary of a mid-career industrial engineer

A mid-career industrial engineer can expect wages of around 23.00 NAD per hour. Mid-career industrial engineers have about 8 years of experience and work in the industry and construction sectors.

Salary of a senior-level industrial engineer 

If you’re a senior-level industrial engineer with 8+ years of experience, expect to earn an average salary of 55,000.00 NAD. As an entry-level industrial engineer (0-5 years of experience), the average annual salary is 48,000.00 NAD.