How Much Do External Auditors Earn in Namibia?

How Much Do External Auditors Earn in Namibia?

Working as an external auditor can be a lucrative career, especially if you work for a large company or in a high-demand industry. While external auditors typically hold bachelor’s degrees and at least one certification, the salary for this position varies based on your employer, location and job function. Whether you’re already working as an external auditor or are looking to get into this field, it helps to know how much you can make in different situations before accepting any job offers.

Why Become An Auditor?

Auditing is a great career choice for those who are detail-oriented, love numbers and enjoy working with other people. The job is challenging and rewarding, but it requires a noteworthy commitment of time and energy.

The Work of an Auditor

An external auditor examines a company’s financial statements and reports to ensure they are accurate. The auditor checks for any potential errors in the financial statements, and also review the company’s internal controls. An external auditor must be independent of the company he or she is auditing, so he or she can’t serve on the board of directors and he or she can’t have ownership in the company being audited.

How Much Do External Auditors Earn in Namibia?

External auditors are required for many organizations and companies because their opinion about the company’s financial state is an unbiased third party. According to the Namibian Institute of Certified Public Accountants, external auditors earn between PN$10,000-50,000 per audit per year, depending on how many audits they complete. For example, a person who completes 5 audits in one year could make up to PN$50,000 per year.

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