How Much do Examination Assistants Get Paid in Namibia?

How Much do Examination Assistants Get Paid in Namibia?

It is difficult to say how much an examination assistant gets paid in Namibia. This is because the salary is not dependent on how much they are paid per hour, but depends on their qualifications and experience. The salary of an examination assistant also depends on where they work and what level of qualification they have.

Examination assistants in Namibia work during the national examinations

Their job is to help examinees with their practical examinations. Sometimes, they may also be required to assist them with their theoretical exams and coursework assignments as well.
Examination assistants usually work seasonally, which means they are not always employed full-time throughout the year. They usually get paid monthly salaries that depend on their qualifications and experience level.

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The job of an examination assistant is not one that is relevant all year round.

The job is seasonal, and it is only relevant during the national examinations. These are held at the end of every term and at the end of each school year.
We should note that this job can be quite stressful because you are expected to help out with thousands of students in a short space of time.
The good news is that there are no exams during the holidays or weekends, but unfortunately, there isn’t much work either!

Examination assistants do not get paid per hour, they get monthly salaries.

They pay the salaries of exam assistants in Namibia on a monthly basis. They do not get paid per hour, but receive their salary for the month after an exam is completed. The salary amount depends on the qualification and experience of an individual as well as how many exams they work on during that month.
With qualifications, an examination assistant who has completed his or her basic education can expect to earn between N$1 200 and N$1 500 per month while those who have completed their tertiary education can get between N$2 000 and N$3 000 per month plus benefits such as housing allowance, medical aid etcetera depending on which university they attended and where they are working in Namibia.