How Much are Import Duties in Namibia?

How Much are Import Duties in Namibia?

The Namibian government has levied a 10% import duty on all goods entering the country.

What are Import Duties in Namibia and What are They Used For?

Import duties are taxes that are applied on the items that are imported into a country. They are used to protect domestic producers and to help finance government operations.

Import duties in Namibia vary depending on the type of goods being imported. There is a duty for all goods except for food, medicines and some other necessary items. Import duties in Namibia also vary depending on the country from which the goods originate, so importing from China will incur a higher duty than importing from Europe or America.

Import duties in Namibia can be either paid at the border or you can pay them online through an e-payment system called “e-tolls”.

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How Much is an Import Duty in Namibia?

Namibia has a low import duty of 10% on most goods. However, there are some items that have higher duties, such as alcoholic beverages. The country also has a value-added tax of 15%.

What are the considerations for importing goods into Namibia?

Importing goods into Namibia, whether it is for business or personal use, can be a complicated process. There are many considerations that must be taken into account when importing goods.

Namibian Customs and Border Control

Namibian Export and Import Licensing Board

Customs Tariff Act of 2004

Customs Tariff of 2008

Import duty on goods to Namibia