How Much are Hotel Receptionists Paid in Namibia?

How Much are Hotel Receptionists Paid in Namibia?

Receptionists are the face of any hotel, and their interactions with guests and other employees help to ensure that everyone has the best possible experience during their stay. If you’re thinking about working as a receptionist in Namibia, you might wonder how much this position pays. Read on for more information about how much a hotel receptionist earns in Namibia and start exploring the opportunities available to you!

The average salary for a hotel receptionist in Namibia

Namibia’s hotel industry is fairly new and the salary for a receptionist can vary depending on the size of the hotel. The average salary is around $3,700 per month or $5.5k per year which would be about one-third of the average yearly income for Namibia.

The benefits and perks associated with being a hotel receptionist in Namibia

As the face of the hotel, hotel receptionists greet guests and direct them to their rooms. They must be knowledgeable about the amenities and services offered, which is why they’re usually required to have at least some post-secondary education. While there’s no set salary for this position, hotel receptionists make between R12,000 and R25,000 per year on average. Along with competitive wages and good benefits packages, most hotels offer excellent work-life balance as well.


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