How much are Galaxy Buds in Namibia?

How much are Galaxy Buds in Namibia?

Galaxy buds are the new generation of earphones from Samsung. They’re wireless and have a battery life of about four hours. You can also use them as a hands-free device for calls, as well as listening to music.

Samsung galaxy buds

  • The buds are wireless earbuds that can connect to your phone via Bluetooth. They have a charging case, so you don’t have to worry about them running out of battery.
  • You can control the buds with touch controls on each bud. You can also use these controls to adjust the volume and play or pause music, answer calls, or activate voice commands like “Hey Google” or “Ok Google” in Android devices.
  • Each bud has an in-ear design with a 6mm driver that delivers clean sound quality for calls and music playback

How much are galaxy buds in Namibia

If you’re looking for Galaxy Buds in Namibia, then you will find them only at Samsung dealerships and other phone shops in Windhoek. The price of the Galaxy Buds ranges from $N2500–$N3,636.27.

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