What is DSTV?

DStv is a media service that provides over 100 channels & services to its subscribers. It was started in 1994 and has since grown into one of Africa’s leading media groups.

Where and how to upgrade DSTV Package in Namibia?

Visit the DStv customer self-service portal. Enter your Connect ID or use your mobile number to sign in or enter your Smartcard number. After signing in, tap the Account button to go to the account page. On this page is an Add or Change button which is the most important part of setting up your account.

When can I upgrade my Dstv package in Namibia?

Your Dstv package includes the option to upgrade & downgrade programming. You can switch between premium and general channels at any time. When you upgrade, there is a payment difference you need to pay before your next payment date.

How much is the DStv premium in Namibia?

Dstv offers different packages in Namibia. Premium is N$699/month, Dstv Extra is N$425/month, Dstv Compact is N$319/month, Dstv Family is N$199/month and Dstv Access is 10 /E

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How much is DSTV Compact Plus in Namibia?

Dstv has over 101 TV and Audio channels available to watch at a price of NAD 539 per month. You can enjoy a range of different content across the stations you subscribe to from world-class entertainment to sports and international news.