What is the history of Basic Income Grant in Namibia?

A pilot Basic Income Grant project was conducted from 2007 to 2009 in the Otjivero-Omitara area. The results were very positive, including a reduction in poverty and crime and an increase in the school attendance rate.

In this context, the Namibian Tax Consortium (NAMTAX) made the proposal for a Basic Income Grant (BIG) for Namibia in 2002.

What is the government of Namibia doing for disabled persons?

The government of the Republic of Namibia is committed to equal opportunities & participation for disabled persons as defined by the United Nations in the World Programme of Action Concerning Disabled Persons and The Standard Rules on the Equalisation of Opportunities for Persons with Disabilities.

Can basic income help Namibia’s poor?

Namibia has had high levels of poverty, as well as income inequality, for a long time. A pilot Basic Income Grant project was conducted in the Otjivero-Omitara area from 2007 to 2009 and it led to some very positive results in reducing poverty, and crime rates, & improving the overall quality of life (Raising Standards of Living).

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How much is a disability grant in Namibia

The government of Namibia provides financial support for individuals with disabilities. There are different criteria for eligibility and the amount of support will vary depending on the specific disability a person has. Disability grants can range from $100 -$1000.